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Select the technique of the container factory

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:708    Pubtime:2017-06-14 09:59:02

Jewelry, jewelry display ark, exhibiting ark business activities often use props, is also a very important part in business activities, directly affect the enterprise product promotion, brand image.Therefore, choosing professional jewelry booth manufacturer is very important to the later brand marketing promotion.So how to choose the manufacturer of the jewelry display cabinet?It is recommended to start with the following four aspects:
First: look at the service
When choosing jewelry booth, must choose the manufacturer that the after service comparison is in place, in order to appear the problem, can get the maintenance in time.Such as cases to use process, loose door hinge, tracks are not smooth, mesa appear the phenomenon such as scratches, lamps and lanterns is not bright is easy to appear, good jewelry cases and the company will propaganda to the customer before cooperation to maintain common sense, and take the initiative to provide service for the customer.
Second: look at the price
First, you must have a general idea of your own needs, and then you will be able to choose the container that is the real price and the price.Try to choose a firm that offers a real price, because the cost of a good product is high, and if the manufacturer wants to survive, it must also maintain reasonable profit margins.If the price is ridiculously low, the reasonable explanation is that the material used is poor, or manual.
Third: see the work
See jewelry cases to work, want to pay more attention to observe its details, like the counter with or without edge collapse edge smooth paint handling, etc., this reaction under factory quality standards, like a cupboard door, drawer open silky smooth, this not only reflects the jewelry cases and manual is good or bad, but also reflects the quality of the hardware such as door hinges, orbit, and is the flatness of plate, the smoothness of mesa, etc.
Fourth: look at the design
Design jewelry cases and poor ability of the company does not have its own design, can only do simple design, does not have its own ideas on design and innovation, only behind others simply imitate.Real design contains two aspects of design and development, only guide under current jewelry cases and the company has strong design capabilities, can design a personalized display props exceeding the age.
Every road decoration was founded 13 years, large and small case experience, in the light of the specific requirements of the jewelry cases to production, provide custom, installation, maintenance one-stop services, ensure the quality of work.

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