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The jewelry display cabinet and the jewelry counter have the meaning

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:708    Pubtime:2017-06-07 17:47:00
Jewelry counter, reveal ark space does not have natural life, bearing life, it is an organic container, the container, the occurrence of the relationship between human and space become eternal.In time, the space is also endowed with material, in order to establish a human can comprehensive social order and economic order and maintain the sustainable development of human power.Human beings are always dependent on the existence of space.
Use space to state space:
What is space?Our understanding of it can't do is as simple as noun explanation, more can't give the answer to the definition of accurate and complete, because the space is complex diverse, after all how many dimensions in space, means, methods, and cultural consciousness, so there will be many kinds of spatial concepts and the human activity in space length, volume, geometric shapes and various kinds of models is the language of space, space performance in real life is not the concept of history, however, different forms of space design are showed in the form of a variety of people demand for space, the space has vitality, they are not isolated existence.
In ancient China has a "five elements", which holds that everything in the world is made up of, gold, wood, water, fire, earth, five elements, some say, from the human ancestors simulated flight, will be the moment of wood burning charcoal, humans have committed the crime, and from the space material by human understanding, the space race has been accompanied by human history to go on.
Space and as a commodity nature, space of material is not specified, but the characteristics of space as a commodity is given by the human, just like human gives the value of other objects around, however, be packaged into commodities trading show excessive heat and instability, will bring human society order and economic order comprehensive balance and coordination, which can lead to social and economic crisis, the human need for space restraint, prudence and wisdom and operating with an edge.
The birth and light color:
The existence of the light is a kind of energy, it changed the world, light to express an emotion, a kind of mood, a kind of spirit and personality characteristics, is the symbol of life.Light makes the moment of every existence of space become permanent, the moment and the eternal spirit is the poetry that the light is unique to the vocabulary.Container space is to capture the light, like how to capture music instrument, intercept space display design is ubiquitous, and can in certain occasions to performance in the design of the existence of the light.Light has created the space, different light emit a variety of color, light on the ground, the furniture, product display wall, reflected in a variety of material surface, turns the space of light to create beautiful exhibition space, my space the using of the light is an attitude, a kind of language, a kind of culture, a way of life.
Texture of beauty:
Texture hides the beauty of a special form of temperature difference, the role of the meaning of beauty in art design should not be underestimated, it has other performance is difficult to achieve the aesthetic characteristics of the texture itself is not the same as the United States, only when it is covered by a certain space, environment, light and atmosphere, it would present a beautiful temperament.Skin texture beauty that exists in nature, also exists in art, both the representation of the beauty of the skin texture, also have the abstract texture beauty, people care more about the beauty of the visual texture, more emphasis on the spiritual world of visual imagery, symbol and looking for a kind of unconscious thing in lenovo, that is, outside the show under the visual texture is a beauty of the deep meaning.Different textures, different visual effects, different texture comparisons, will experience different aesthetic meanings.
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