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Comparison of the pros and cons of jewelry display cabinet accessories

Source:Funroad    Author:Funroad    Visit:56    Pubtime:2021-06-24 15:37:05
The jewelry display cabinet is made up of various accessories. The advantages and disadvantages of some common accessories are listed below for your reference:

1. Cabinet board
Inferior quality: the thickness of the material is generally less than 16mm, the load is not enough, not strong enough, the moisture resistance is poor, and there are hidden dangers.
High quality: The cabinet panels of the jewelry cabinet generally use 18mm thick double-faced panels.

2. Door panel
Inferior quality: door panels with rough cutting and conspicuous edge chipping are easy to pick up dirt and have hidden dangers of water seepage.
High quality: strong sealing, smooth trimming, seamless and water-proof cabinet door panels.

3. Countertop
Inferior quality: The countertop made of cheap thin substrate is easy to shake.
High quality: Strengthen the anti-deformation, impact resistance and stable operation of the equal-thick countertop.

4. Backplane
Inferior quality: The back panel is prone to damp, moldy and deformed, and the cabinet body is prone to lose its airtightness.
High quality: The back panel of the jewelry display cabinet is connected with the cabinet body with a V-shaped slot, and there is no gap in the joint.

5. Shelf
Inferior quality: The sealing edge of the shelf is very thin, and it is easily damaged by collision.
High quality: The front edge of the jewelry cabinet is thick, and the touch is smooth and not irritating.

6. Skirting system
Inferior quality: The skirting board uses artificial board, without water stop, and it is easy to deform when exposed to water.
High quality: snap-in installation structure, easy to disassemble, maintain and clean.

7. Hanging code
Inferior quality: Simple lifting code and small load-bearing capacity.
High quality: The jewelry cabinet has a large bearing capacity, is safe to hang, and has a decorative cover.

8. Anti-cockroach strip
Poor quality: There are gaps between the door panels and cabinets, which are easy for cockroaches to enter and are unhygienic.
High quality: prevent cockroaches, dust, and water vapor from entering the cabinet.

9. Embedded parts
Inferior quality: Screw the screws directly on the inferior board, the screws are easy to loosen.
High quality: PA embedded parts are installed in key parts to increase the nail holding force of the plate.

Every counter produced by the jewelry cabinet must be made of high-quality materials to withstand the test of time.
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