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Custom jewelry counter, these common sense should be known

Source:Funroad    Author:Funroad    Visit:49    Pubtime:2021-06-23 17:52:24
The display of jewellery counters allows consumers to appreciate all kinds of goods. At the same time, after some creative designs of the counters, lighting, and suggestions from shop assistants, people will choose the jewelry they prefer. So what kind of jewelry counter should the merchant choose to display the product? Let me introduce you.

1. Generally speaking, the display can be carried out by the symmetry method. The so-called symmetry method is to display the products in the center called the axis. Therefore, when choosing a jewelry counter, you can choose a counter with conspicuous symmetry, such as a rectangle. , Square, trapezoidal and circular, etc., and then use a symmetrical way to symmetrically place the goods to display, this effect is better than the general placement.

2. It is also a good choice to use comparative counter products. This method of comparison refers to the use of different colors and shapes to combine jewelry and counters to create a visual difference for people, thereby rendering the characteristics and themes of jewelry. For example, a business that manages emeralds can choose a counter product with a cool light source to be used when choosing a jewelry counter, so that the color and texture of the gem will be more conspicuous under the illumination of the light.

3. When choosing a jewelry counter, you should also consider the style and layout of the store to ensure the harmony and unity between the two. For example, the high-level section should be gorgeous, delicate, and artistic, while the general public should highlight the richness and detail of the objects.

Therefore, if you want to choose a jewelry counter, you can design from the aspects described above, so as to make a suitable counter to better promote sales.
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