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What are the basic specifications for jewelry display cabinets

Source:Funroad    Author:Funroad    Visit:50    Pubtime:2021-06-22 14:55:45
We know that the jewelry industry is full of masters of experience marketing methods, and this industry attaches great importance to consumer experience and the guidance of customer consumption behavior. Experiential marketing is done well, so that every potential customer who has enjoyed the service at the counter can immediately make a purchase, so what are the basic specifications for the jewelry display cabinet?

The first type: more suitable for the performance of individual niche, unique unique shapes and full of personalized jewelry;

The second type: Spaced placement more prominent visual effects;

The third type: The display combines the above two characteristics, which is a further requirement for the display of fine jewelry showcases.

First of all, you must have a vivid display: the placement, height, form and novelty, and impact of different themes and types of jewelry can bring different eyeball effects. Once the showcase design is properly matched, it will be very conducive to showing the jewelry. Charm and style, increase exposure and purchase rate.

Secondly, the display space and related elements of the showcase: the color, lighting, atmosphere, sound effects, temperature and humidity of the showcase design all have their own influence. The second level of demand for fine jewelry display counters is reflected here. Although it is not possible to independently control temperature and sound effects in jewelry showcases in shopping malls, the atmosphere of the overall business space is not controllable, and only a part of the showcase area can be controlled. But these seemingly insignificant factors may even become the key to attracting customers' favor.

Finally, the display of jewelry display cabinets and counters also has an impact on customers' buying behavior. This display relationship is divided into group display, array display and special designated display.
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