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Customized production process of showcase

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:31    Pubtime:2020-09-19 11:24:56
1. Tell me to measure

  This link is the initial stage of manufacturing display cabinets of exclusive stores. Customers usually tell the manufacturers of display cabinets to measure by telephone. They need to emphasize the time address and detailed brand category to prevent the phenomenon of missing and wrong measurement. The display cabinet manufacturer can also acknowledge with local affairs. To prevent this kind of phenomenon. In order to standardize this link, a special measurement notice should be set up to mark the relevant contents and requirements above. Fax to the display cabinet manufacturer in writing as the measurement basis. It is also for more effective field operation.

2. Site investigation

  After receiving the customer's measurement advice, a special measurement sheet should be set up, which shows the detailed information of some shopping malls and Party A, and the detailed requirements of the product display cabinet of the exclusive store. It is convenient to run through this process. Generally, first contact Party A's clerks, and then go to the site and shopping mall to conduct field survey. In this way, many unnecessary mistakes will be reduced In the manufacturing process of product display cabinets in exclusive stores, the most important and the simplest link to present problems is usually manifested in the two aspects of site change and shopping mall manufacturing requirements. In case of site change, the shopping mall will inform Party A in advance, and Party A will timely tell the display cabinet manufacturer to carry out ab initio measurement. However, in terms of the manufacturing requirements of shopping malls, the shopping malls will put forward some more rigid requirements It is expected that Party A will strengthen the recognition of this aspect when communicating with the shopping mall so as to facilitate the on-site operation of the display cabinet manufacturer.

3. Planning and mapping

  In terms of drawings, the drawings are generally planned according to the requirements of Party A's Ci, and different effect drawings are planned according to different grades of different shopping malls. The display cabinet manufacturer will set up a special planning flow sheet according to the measurement sheet, which will show some detailed information in the project, so as to facilitate the better operation and implementation of the project. This document is of tracking type. It is established by the planner after receiving the measurement sheet of the project. Until the project admits that the order is connected to the factory in a circular way.

4. Drawing recognition

  Generally, the approval of drawings is divided into two parts: the mall and the Party A. the recognition of the shopping mall is directly carried out by the Party A's affairs and the shopping mall. The general problem is relatively simple, which is caused by the market drawings. Because the shopping malls manufacture the display cabinets of exclusive stores as mentioned above, there are also some manufacturing regulations of the shopping malls, and your company also has its own manufacturing standards, which often leads to simple conflicts. For example, the floor is generally not a special shopping mall, but composite floor is used in shopping malls sometimes Need to lay glass floor, simple differences, display cabinet manufacturers will generally after measurement. Fax the measurement sheet to Party A in written form, which shows the detailed requirements and information of the shopping mall. After receiving the measurement sheet from the manufacturer of the display cabinet, Party A will further communicate and handle with the mall, and the general problems will be less. Make sure that the operation process of the project is carried out according to a correct plan, and the planned drawings can be approved by Party A and the shopping mall.

5. Order recognition

  Only when both sides of the drawing mall and the display cabinet manufacturer acknowledge that they can place an order. The display cabinet manufacturer will place an order to the factory in the situation of planning process sheet, which shows all the necessary elements and manufacturing requirements of this project, so as to facilitate the factory to carry out operation. Time of arrival and completion shall be indicated together. This document can only be completed after receiving the acknowledgement drawing signed by the department store and the customer.

6. Offer recognition

The drawings acknowledge that we have made a special project quotation according to the drawings, and Party A admits to review it. It is admitted that after the review, Party A will tell us to manufacture the display cabinet of the exclusive store in written form, and fax it to the display cabinet manufacturer. It shows Party A's review amount, manufacturing area, manufacturing type and required arrival time, completion time and other detailed elements. The display cabinet manufacturer will also plan when receiving the manufacturing notice The flow sheet and final recognition effect drawing are sent to the factory, and the factory will operate according to the details in the document.

7. Factory production
  After receiving the planning flow sheet (which will show the manufacturing requirements of the shopping mall), the factory completes the material review and establishes the material requisition form for this project. The workers will pick up the materials in the warehouse according to the detailed details of the material requisition form for manufacturing. At the end of the factory manufacturing, the factory director should carry out site inspection on the project In order to ensure that the qualified rate of products entering the site before the installation is 100%, the factory must operate in strict accordance with the detailed requirements in the planning flow sheet to prevent some problems. The factory director should also review the products according to the planning flow sheet.

8. Packing

  When the manufacturing of the display cabinet is finished, it should be packed. The first packing method is to wrap around the display cabinet with preservative film, the second time is to pad a layer of sponge glue on each corner of the display cabinet, and the third time is to wrap it with paper. Finally, the wooden box is packed according to the scale of the display cabinet periphery.

9. Field device

  After the manufacture of the display cabinet of the exclusive store is finished, we also set up the engineering construction list of the project (choose the tracking type to the end of the construction of the product display cabinet in the exclusive store). The document shows some basic information of the project, and records of some problems in the assembly process of the project. The on-site construction often has emergencies and some non-human activities There are many changes in the formation of elements. The display cabinet manufacturer will show it in this document and give it to Party A and the shopping mall for recognition. It is convenient for Party A to better review.

10. On site inspection

  At the end of construction, we will conduct overall inspection for Party A's affairs personnel in the form of engineering construction list, and sign and comment together. So as to achieve 100% qualified rate of mobilization and 100% qualification rate of on-site assembly. The display cabinet manufacturer also has a special after-sales service card, which is usually pasted on the reverse side of the cash register. If there is a need for repair on site, you can call the display cabinet manufacturer directly. According to the detailed requirements of Party A, the company shall establish a special after-sales service tracking list to deal with the repair items of your company at the first time.

11. Information feedback

  After the inspection, the display cabinet manufacturer will fax the project construction sheet to Party A at the first moment to inform Party A that the project has been completed. Measurement report -- Measurement sheet -- planning process sheet -- quotation sheet -- manufacturing instruction -- material requisition sheet -- site inspection sheet -- engineering construction sheet -- after sales service tracking list

These documents constitute a complete system of separate items, and none of them is indispensable. It is also in order to better promote the terminal store store product display cabinet more effective and faster implementation.

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