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The jewelry display cabinet is easy to crack after being sent to the north

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:31    Pubtime:2020-09-19 11:38:23

  There is a big difference in climate between the north and the south. After the jewelry showcase is produced in the south and sent to the north, cracks often appear. Are these quality issues? Why is this so? Is there any good solution.

  It is normal for the showcases made in the south to be cracked when they are sent to the north. This involves different climate conditions between the north and the south. We all know that the weather in the south is humid, the plates used in jewelry display cabinets have high water content, and when the paint is made, natural sodium water is used. Although the moisture is reduced after baking in the paint room, it is still affected by the weather after coming out. Moisture ratio. After the jewelry display cabinet is shipped to the north, due to the dry climate and long-term heating, a part of the moisture in the plate will slowly lose, which causes the jewelry display cabinet to crack.


  The best way to make jewelry display cabinets in South China is to use stainless steel, so cracking can be avoided, but the cost is high. Experienced display cabinet factory will use stainless steel bar for the closing position of jewelry display cabinet, because the cracking parts generally appear at the interface. As long as targeted treatment can be very good to avoid cracking, of course, completely avoid is not guaranteed.

  Although the jewelry display cabinet cracked after it was sent to the north, the merchants are still willing to make it in the southern exhibition cabinet factory. It's not that they are stupid, but they like the workmanship details and the overall quality here are guaranteed. In particular, Shenzhen's professional jewelry display cabinet factory, in terms of workmanship is very guaranteed.

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