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Do not ignore the details of the edge banding of the clothing showcase

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:106    Pubtime:2020-09-18 16:31:42

Clothing display cabinet customization is used to display the container of clothing. Materials mainly include MDF (commonly known as density board), specially made fireproof board, acrylic board, transparent crystal board, etc. Quick disassembly, transportation, etc. Color has gold, snow-white color, matte black, pink, gray and other colors. Light box can be installed on the top, and fluorescent lamp and spotlight can be selected for the lamp in the cabinet, with lamp box on the top.

There is no fixed standard. According to the demand of commodities and the position on the ground, it can be made into standard style or special-shaped display cabinet. The back board of the display cabinet placed against the wall is an opaque board, which can choose the same color, white color or mirror surface as the appearance of the cabinet.

Because people require good quality, brand store, characteristic, unique, novel and so on, clothing is necessary and indispensable in people's daily life. Therefore, the sales of clothing have been greatly improved. As one of the equipment for clothing display, it is particularly important for clothing display cabinet to set off and highlight it.

Display cabinet manufacturers in the manufacture of clothing display cabinets, generally use baking paint and clothing display shelf deployment, in different areas planning different display cabinets, display different clothing display cabinets, from the visual look more neat, beautiful. The wood of the clothing display cabinet is made of density fiberboard, and it is made by baking paint technology. The appearance looks more glossy and beautiful.

The principle of clothing display cabinet manufacturing is the same as that of furniture manufacturing. The selection of material is very important, and each kind of information must meet the standard. For example, the board, paint, curing agent, and even the edge banding and screws used on the edges and corners should be standardized in order to make a good display cabinet. It is also because of this, clothing display cabinet planning and manufacturing personnel before manufacturing must carry out a thorough planning analysis and research, planning is reasonable, and the materials to be selected should be able to fit the actual use of the market place, and the quality must be good.

Details determine success or failure. Therefore, the details of the clothing display cabinet are also important. Details determine the characteristics of the whole store clothing. Now, Funroad Decoration will share with you the importance of edge sealing of clothing showcase.

If you don't pay attention to the edge sealing of clothing display cabinet, there will be rough edges, which will slide to the customer's skin, and even hang to the clothing line. Good edge banding is machine edge banding, which is both beautiful and more beautiful. Therefore, do not ignore the details of edge banding.

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