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Unique cosmetics showcase can bring more customers to the store

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Due to the differences in the contents of the cosmetics showcase and the way of activities, the specific requirements for the space design of the showcase will also be different. The relationship between the function and form of the showcase space should be consistent. In addition to the functional characteristics of the showcase space itself, it should also meet the various needs of the exhibit display, the audience and the staff, that is, the showcase designer should first What is the purpose of the design task you are facing? What kind of effect should the showcase finally achieve?

Positioning according to the purpose and effect, while considering how the showcase space can satisfy the functional space of exhibits and equipment, the physiological and psychological space of the audience, and the reasonable and effective use of space.

1. The overall design of the cosmetics showcase space, as the name suggests, is the overall consideration of the layout and shape of the showcase space. For example, for an exhibition venue, what are the functions of its outdoor space and indoor space, what are the connections between its spatial shapes, and how to arrange the transition between outdoor and indoor spaces; whether the entire venue is a sequential space combination or even Repetitive space combination; whether to adopt a closed or semi-closed enclosed space, or an open and transparent space; whether it is a building space or a prop-based space; a wide and tall space as the main body or use The space form with the twists and turns of height and low contrast is the main body; is it the composition of vertical space or horizontal and horizontal space?

The overall positioning of the overall characteristics and style of the display case space must be given priority consideration and determination. The overall design of the showcase space should also include the lighting and color considerations of the overall space. The effect of a group exhibition hall is often a unified consideration of the space environment, ground and height, sound and equipment, plants and greenery of the entire exhibition area. The specific problems related to the overall design of the space are mainly solved in the following two aspects.

1. Allocation of showcases and exhibition halls. There are two situations in the middle, one is to allocate showcases and exhibition halls according to the needs of display content and other functions.
For example, the volume, quantity, type, display method and requirements of the showcase directly affect the size of the exhibition space, the height of the space, and the degree of openness and closed form; the second is the requirements of commercial units and individuals on the exhibition hall space. Because commercial exhibition halls have different goals, different effects and different expenditures, the allocation of exhibition halls and exhibition cabinets must be different, which also affects and determines the overall exhibition space arrangement.

2. The location and sight design of the showcase space. According to scientific tests, visual attention is not equal to each location of the space. Generally come in, first left and then right, first up and then down, first in the center and then outside. For this reason, it is necessary to arrange the order of the showcase space in accordance with this rule in the setting of the exhibition space. The location of looking up will have a clear and certain sense of distance; the location of looking up will make you feel refreshed and comfortable; and if you look down a little, you will have a closer sense of distance.
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