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Details of Shenzhen display cabinet installation in shopping mall

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:77    Pubtime:2020-10-29 14:43:06

  There are specialty stores in Shenzhen Exhibition cabinets, as well as those in the company's exhibition halls. There are many external obstacles when we install the equipment in the shopping malls, and some of them are self-made. It will be very convenient to do them after the preparation work is done.

  Before installation, you must check the equipment to see whether you have brought all the things you should bring with you, and whether all the accessories are in place. Especially for small parts, don't forget it. Otherwise, it will be a lot of trouble, because usually the devices in the shopping malls can only come out after work, and the off-duty time is after 10:30. If you suddenly find that some parts are missing during the installation, you can't buy them at this time Local purchase, simple and dispensable, OK to say, but if it is a necessity, it is really big. When loading, it is best to put a plane pulley car on the car, so when there are large objects, it is not so hard to lift. If it is too light, it is really miserable. To be honest, elevators used in shopping malls are relatively small, so you can only take stairs to lift them up.

  Before the device comes out, you should negotiate with the shopping mall. Others usually turn off the lights when they are off work. The dark ones can't do their work. Then it's time to check the time of communication. After work, several security guards are on duty. If you want others to be nice, you should at least buy a snack for cigarettes. In fact, there is no problem with the regulations of the shopping mall, and the tenants should install them It is necessary to give the lights to the unconditional lights. But we must give them some advantages to make them do what they should do within the rules. I honestly don't want to make complaints about them too much. As long as they adapt to the social atmosphere and earn their living, there is no way to change them, as long as people have greed.

  After the device is installed, the lamp must be tested whether it is on or not. When testing the lamp, it should be tested after the device wiring is completed. Do not use the power supply that you carry with you. It is impossible to find out whether it has been connected properly. The purpose of the lamp test is to check whether the circuit is good or not, and the wires must be hidden and not exposed.
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