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How about the technology of customized display case in Shenzhen

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:86    Pubtime:2020-10-28 16:18:23

   Shenzhen display cabinet manufacturers tell you: in the display market, both the price and the quality of the display case are intermingled. Sometimes, the price of display cases with the same material and appearance is quite different. Why? In fact, there are still differences in the manufacturing process. Let's share with us the small editor of Dingxin. The selection of process in the customized display cabinet.

1. Selection of boards: the selection of high-quality boards is the top factor to ensure the quality of display cabinets. Not only the quality of the plate is required to be selected, but also the applicability of the plate needs to be strictly selected. General display cabinet board selection density fiberboard.

2. The selection of finishing process: different boards need different finishing process. For example, beautiful lines of solid wood and decorative panels, so long can choose to use varnish. And bad grain solid wood board or general plywood surface without decorative panel, so long need to use oil mixing.

3. Nail hole treatment: nail hole treatment, strictly speaking, belongs to the painter's field. This requires that the color matching of putty should be very cautious, try to make the color after color matching and wood appearance are basically common, and then whitewash these shortcomings. The same treatment is also applicable to the treatment of tree knots and tree scars.
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