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What are the functions of track in jewelry display?

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:76    Pubtime:2020-11-02 17:49:35

  The main raw materials used for the rails in the display cabinet manufacturing are iron zinc, painted copper and other alloys. The performance of the rails for jewelry display cabinets made of different raw materials is different. The types and standards are: two section rail, three section rail, rebound track, etc. generally, three section rails are mainly used. In the selection process, we should also grasp the needs of the display cabinet itself to customize. For the same type of rail, we When evaluating it, the following aspects should be taken into consideration: one is to look at the weight of the rails of the same performance and classification, which is heavier than the other; the other is to look at the contents of the appearance, which can be evaluated intuitively; the other is to compare which track is more suitable, the method is to break the track by hand to see which one you think is desirable.

  Durable, bottom supporting features: the track is hidden at the bottom of the drawer. Sliding without conflict, no noise, self closing device, convenient, steel ball type features: smooth sliding. Very durable. The special structure of the track and the steel ball match ensure the stability. It can be directly installed on the side plate or plug-in equipment or into the groove of drawer side plate.

  In addition, there are many special rails, such as track with structure, table ball track and so on.

  In view of the classification of the rails for jewelry display cabinets, Shenzhen jewelry display manufacturers believe that the classification is mainly based on their raw materials and structures. One is the rails for steel ball raw materials, and the other is for supporting bottom rails. The rails for steel ball raw materials can be directly connected to the side and can be installed in drawer grooves. The bottom track is mainly used to accept sliding. Generally speaking, the two types of rails will not be in the process of sliding Noise is present. One is that there is less conflict during sliding, which is more slippery; the other is long service life and easy installation. However, the different categories of the display track are generally fixed in the local use, so the comparison of the use is generally for the same category of the display track on the line of discrimination and evaluation.

  The function and service life of the rails depend on the quality of the rails. They are the same as the hinges. Because the rails of jewelry display cabinets are frequently used with hardware accessories, the accessories of display cabinets are very important. Therefore, the same selection of rails for display cabinets is to recognize the brand, and the price difference is big. The wallboards of famous brands are thicker, skillful and durable. The sidings of small brand display cabinets are thin and rough, After using it for a period of time, it will show poor sliding.

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