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Disadvantages of using optical fiber lighting method in museum display cabinet

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:92    Pubtime:2020-10-07 13:41:19

  In the LED era, funroad display cabinet manufacturers have changed the lamps into small wattage lamps, which reduce the heat dissipation! There are also glass replaced by black grille, so it looks much better!

  However, we must pay attention to the heating capacity of lamps and lanterns. If the calorific value is large and exceeds the heat dissipation capacity of the display cabinet itself, it will form heat accumulation and damage to cultural relics.

  No matter what method is changed, it is better to have a layer of space between lamps and exhibits, especially traditional lamps and lanterns.

  On the other hand, if the lamps are aging and show falling, they can effectively protect the exhibits. Especially in the center of the display cabinet, if the lamp falls, it will form an inestimable loss!

  In the age of traditional lighting, due to the high heat generated by halogen lamps, it is more difficult to deal with the heating of lamps and the infrared radiation in the lighting for precious cultural relics, especially for heat sensitive exhibits. In this case, fiber-optic lighting is produced accordingly.

  The principle is to configure the light generator at the far end of the display cabinet, and then guide the light to the required place through the optical fiber conduit.

  This method completely completes the photothermal separation. Because the light from the light source should be filtered before entering the optical fiber, the harmful light can be filtered out, and only the effective visible light can reach the exhibits.

Despite the perfect treatment of photothermal separation, it has the following defects:

  It has high cost, including light source, reflector, color filter and optical fiber, etc., which is the lighting equipment with higher cost in all lighting lamps and lanterns;

  The overall shape is large, and the optical fiber is relatively thick, so it is not easy to hide;

  The luminous flux is small, which is not suitable for large area lighting;

  It is difficult to control the beam angle, especially the small beam angle. However, the light from the fiber head is not damaged and can be close to the exhibits.

  There are many defects and obvious advantages. In the early days of traditional lighting, optical fiber was still used more in museum display cabinet lighting. But with the popularity of LED lighting, there are fewer and fewer optical fibers.
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