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How to get rid of the peculiar smell in the new display cabinet

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:45    Pubtime:2020-10-06 17:05:15

   Usually, when we buy a new display cabinet, there will be some smell in it. Many people don't like to smell it, especially if it has good sealing performance. Even if the smell inside is not very strong, because after a long time of closing, there will be some smell in it. Every time we open it, there will be a smell. Paint, wood and glue are the source of the smell. So we can To use the common things in the day to wonderful get rid of, simple and convenient, very practical, briefly share a few days commonly used things.

   Dried chrysanthemum or Jasmine can be used in shopping malls and supermarkets. Other fragrant flowers can be used to prevent the flowers from falling. You can wrap them in a breathable mesh bag for 2-3 days.

Orange peel is also very easy to use. You can peel it off directly and put it under it or put it in a utensil. It can be opened after a few days. Basically, it just tastes like an orange.

   Lemon, a whole into the role is not very big, can be cut into pieces, put a few more local, basically a few days time is almost the same.

   There are also many, such as charcoal, rice wine, vinegar, which are commonly used these days. The method is to put them inside for a few days. Not only can Shenzhen display cabinets use these methods, but also furniture, especially those that are not easy to ventilate, such as closets, bedside cabinets, or the interior of beds. The new furniture we buy will have a taste at home. We can also go to the shopping mall to buy the kind of small bottles of fresh air. Instead of spraying the solid, a small box can remove the peculiar smell.
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