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The application of metal display cabinet in the store, Shenzhen showcase tells you

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:92    Pubtime:2020-10-07 13:42:11

  In Shenzhen exhibition cabinet industry, the metal material display cabinet is very popular and widely used. The main reason is that the metal display cabinet has low cost, light weight and strong compression resistance, which is often used in the display shelves and storage shelves of supermarkets. Of course, it also includes some display props with special functional requirements. Whether in famous shopping malls or large-scale exclusive stores, we can see the figure of metal display cabinets. It can be seen that the practical value of metal display cabinets is very high. Today, Shenzhen Exhibition cabinets tell us about the general materials and characteristics of metal display cabinets.

1. Stainless steel display cabinet: stainless steel is a kind of solid and valuable information, which is quite popular now. But the most suitable occupation is clothing display cabinet and shoe cabinet, medium island cabinet, high cabinet embedded rack and so on. Its characteristics are no rust, high resistance, high strength and low cost.

2. Shenzhen titanium alloy display cabinet: the cost of titanium alloy display cabinet will be slightly higher. Generally, there are titanium alloy shelves, titanium alloy glass and clothing titanium alloy flow table in supermarkets. However, the manufacturing cost of flow table in this respect will be higher. During this period, the planning and manufacturing of titanium alloy flow table for clothing is often higher.

3. Aluminum alloy display cabinet: the biggest feature of aluminum alloy display cabinet is its low price, strong plasticity, light weight and no rust. It is mainly used for product display, such as pendant, light product and so on.
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