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Display ark put position requirement

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:719    Pubtime:2019-03-19 10:28:17
In the jewelry industry, from the design to the production is an ideal state, in fact, the actual home installation is completed before you can see the real effect.Glasses ark not only want quality quality, more important is design good.Different cases and put in different position and chair of exhibits will be put in the right place, otherwise will affect the overall effect and the store's art.What are the requirements for glasses display?
One: the daytime fierce sunshine will make the glasses display case fade, directly affect the weariness and the overall effect of the display case.So no matter what kind of material that it USES is not long put in the window, especially the room facing the west to want to avoid!
2: the cashier desk should be below the waist, to facilitate activities, condole top and the distance of the ground had better not more than two meters, art has two layers of ark of words, the first layer is best to smooth inspect can see inside place objects as the ideal height, the second is to reach high can take to the items as well!
3: the lamp act of the market is mostly with droplight, use must be appropriate, if research boutiques is too low, notice the height of droplight, too low can obstruct move.The chandelier is in the middle, and the light is more average.As for the height of the droplight, the ideal distance is about 50/60 centimeters of the desktop, too high can make a person feel yaoan, too low can easily bump head.
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