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Jewelry display case, show ark to make concrete process

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:718    Pubtime:2019-03-19 10:28:05

Jewelry display ark type on the market is varied, the different cases and its construction process will be very different, then, is by the shenzhen every road decorated storefront factory introduce jewelry cases to process!
Determine the structure, the material, and enter the loading stage.The process is then completed by an artificial pushsaw machine.
Step 2 enter the woodworking nail outfit, ask the shape line to be smooth and graceful, the nails are tightly packed, the glue is in place.
Second, the paint
1. Enter the number of grey link, the first to use putty to fill level of woodworking nailhole, interface crack and other hollows ark body, such as depression too too big should return woodworking segment do technology processing;When the atoms are dry, they will be covered with pig blood.This section must use putty first batch once, some people reduce costs directly from pig blood ash a full batch, this is not enough, because in pig blood ash by season change, humidity of the air impact would produce shrinkage, the short time is not obvious interface will lead to future ark body, nailhole local have prominent phenomenon.
Primer, to insulate the cabinet from the outside world.Effect: moistureproof, avoid "ark to eat lacquer" phenomenon, the late surface lacquer is more luster, full.It is usually painted and can be done by hand.
When the paint is dry, get into dry sand, and use 240 # sandpaper to smooth the tank.
Color primer, use appropriate color paint according to the design standard.Request spray to be uniform, no flow.
Dry sand, use 320 # sand paper to burnish the body, not to be omitted.The requirements are well honed, no unbeaten.
It is extremely important to get into the paint, which is also the test of the skill level of the workers.Requirements: no flow, no granule, smooth finish, good hand, etc.Then go into the dust oven and heat the oven, and then install and debug it in the factory.
Production process. According to the above is a regular wooden jewelry cases jewelry cases and material and standards, some processes are different, but all the same.In short, a high-end jewelry display case needs to be closely coordinated with the entire production chain, and the problem is solved in a timely manner.
Shenzhen carpenter family under a plant focus business cases to custom more than 13 years, 7000 - square - meter production base, services more than 5000 customers, 7 to 15 days can delivery Market prices plummeted 10% to shenzhen jewelry cases and service hotline carpenter family quality worthy of trust.
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