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General design of the display cabinet space of fan exhibition cabinet!

Source:深圳凡路珠宝展柜厂    Author:凡路商业展示柜    Visit:614    Pubtime:2017-12-08 10:18:06

Because the jewelry display ark content and the activity way are different, the specific request that displays ark space design also can differ.However, reveal ark space on both the relationship between function and form should be consistent, should fully to reveal ark space itself function, operation, should also meet the exhibits on display and the diverse needs of the audience and staff, which reveal ark design personnel should first clear your face what is the purpose of the design task?What effect should the display cabinet finally achieve?According to the purpose and effect, we should consider how to satisfy the function space of exhibits and equipment, the physiological and psychological space of the audience and the reasonable and effective use of space.

1. Overall design of jewelry display cabinet space

The overall design of customer's name is the overall consideration of the layout and shape of the display space.For example, a showcase for the venue, the outdoor space and what their focus on the function of interior space, its spatial modelling what is the relationship between each other, outdoor and indoor space form of transition mouth how to arrange;The whole stadium is a sequence space combination or an average repetitive space combination.It is a closed or semi-enclosed enclosed space form, or open in the form of permeable space;It is mainly the building space or the prop structure space;It is the main body of the space that is tall and tall, and the spatial form of the contrast of the twists and turns is the main body;Is the composition of vertical space or horizontal space composition and so on.The overall positioning of the overall characteristics and style of the display space must be given priority consideration and determination.

The overall design of the display space should include the lighting and color of the whole space.The exhibition hall effect of group is often to the space environment of the whole area, ground and height, acoustics and equipment, plant and greening make unified consideration.There are two main aspects to the overall design of the solution space.

(1) distribution of display cases and exhibition halls.There are two cases in which the display and exhibition hall are allocated according to the need to display content and other functions.For example, the volume, quantity, type, display mode and requirement of the display cabinet directly affect the size of the display space area, the space height is how much, and the open and closed form of the degree and degree;The second is the business unit and the individual to the hall space request.Because commercial showroom purpose is different, the effect of pursuit is different, out of funds, distribution in the exhibition hall and exhibition shelves certainly is not the same, it also affects and determines the whole exhibition hall space arrangement.

(2) location and line-of-sight design of the display space.According to scientific tests, visual attention is not equal to each location of space.Generally come in, first left, first right, first, first, then outside.For this reason, it is necessary to arrange the order of display space according to this law.Depending on the location, there will be obvious and certain distance sense;The location of the flat vision is pleasant and comfortable;A little overlooks creates a sense of distance.

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