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Good display cabinet, high store

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:30    Pubtime:2020-09-29 14:17:26

  The brand image of a store is not like that the equipment and products in the store can be changed in a short time, so it is often difficult to give a deep brand image. Therefore, first of all, we must do a good job in the detailed work, establish an outstanding store image, in order to let your store in the overall image of a higher level. Do you know that the influence of Funroad showcase on store decoration can not be underestimated?

  Many store owners don't attach great importance to the image of their own shops when they are stuck in business. They think that the focus must be on products. In the original store decoration, attention should be paid to the cooperation between the products and the display cabinets, and the display of the display cabinets.

  The placement of display cabinets is the main content of store placement. The channel formed by the display cabinet determines the flow direction of customers. No matter whether the placement methods are straight or oblique, radial, free circulation or direct, they should be kept sensitive and local for the change of operation contents, so as to adjust the placement mode of display cabinets at any time. Therefore, all kinds of shelves in modern comprehensive shopping malls are combined, and only a few of them are fixed.

  The purpose of using display cabinet to display products is to make better use of business space than to set up stalls. The purpose is to make products more orderly and make customers know at a glance. It can also transmit the information of products to customers more accurately, stimulate and strengthen the decision of purchasing after the rational display of products. At the same time, it is also the basic operation equipment for salesmen to provide high-level service to customers. Whether it is cabinet type display cabinet, cabinet type display cabinet, box type display cabinet, etc. are used to place different products, convenient for customers to choose. Group by group of display cabinets are divided into different types of sales, forming a sales team, so that customers can follow the channel network composed of shelves and see a variety of products operated by the shop as soon as they enter the store.

  The planning of the display cabinet should ensure that there is an appropriate area and space for the display of products on the shelf, so that the products can be placed in a useful way, showing the different types of products, and displaying the different standards and levels of the same kind by putting them vertically. Proper space not only facilitates the placement of products, but also provides convenience for salesmen to put on shelves, put goods and clean them.

  In the same store, the appearance of the display cabinet should be fundamentally approved in order to create a regular and orderly environment and provide an outstanding atmosphere suitable for shopping. With the same scale, common data, common mode features and common colors, the display cabinets get a sense of consistency.

  How to decorate a storefront, the display cabinet must play an essential role in decoration and practicability, so it is very necessary to choose appropriate display cabinet furnishings and display cabinet planning in the decoration time.
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