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The image of a showcase often shows the strength of an enterprise

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:97    Pubtime:2020-09-29 14:51:52

  The design style of display cabinet often indicates the strength of an enterprise and the strength of its products. With the development of the commodity society, now the display cabinet not only displays the goods, but also shows the company and its products. Many companies will make a glass counter and display their products as display for consumers. Is that enough?

  In order to break through the role of advertising, many businesses are using multimedia image counters, will be multi-media flat panel display embedded in the display cabinet, and the wood structure of the cabinet integration. Let the monotonous display cabinet in addition to simple goods display. Let it be able to constantly use pictures or sounds to convey product information, it can be said that more with one stone.

  The exhibition cabinet industry has been well developed in recent ten years. It also means that there are many new technology display cabinets made by manufacturers. Glass can be cut into different shapes and equipment more easily. These materials are transparent, so they are superior in performance. But they can't make disassembly mode. The large volume of glass display case makes many businesses in the transportation problem are very contradictory.

  With the development of society, with the emergence of fire-resistant wood structure paint counters. Wooden display cabinets are widely distributed in exhibition halls all over the country. These paint display cabinets break through the limitations of transportation. Because they can be disassembled and disassembled freely. This wooden display case becomes a substitute to replace the glass one. A paint display cabinet is also very valuable, appropriate maintenance can be used for more than a few years. Any enterprise, any product, these are a good return on investment in any trade show, conference and shopping mall. A high-grade paint display cabinet, a common beautiful image of the display cabinet, determines the positioning of a brand and the publicity of their products.
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