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Good showcase makes business easier

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:75    Pubtime:2020-11-03 17:48:37

  It is mainly used for display in supermarkets and supermarkets. In addition to providing display products for merchants, Shenzhen showcase can also play a role in advertising. This kind of advertisement can be called pop advertisement and can play an outstanding role in promoting the establishment of brand.

  In the brand terminal stores, as the carrier of products, the bag display cabinet is bound to become the "image spokesman" of the brand, which is the first direct perception of the customers. The consistent style and image of the brand package display cabinet can deepen the impression of customers. Compared with the ordinary bag display cabinet, the high-quality bag display cabinet can strengthen the brand memory.

  In the process of consumption, the first thing customers see is the products displayed and displayed by bags and display cabinets, which is the most direct visual communication with customers, and can make customers clearly understand the products of the enterprise, and then consumer behavior occurs. It embodies the technology and strength of a brand. Customized package display cabinet can not only improve the added value of products, but also deepen customers' purchase hope, which is useful for improving sales results.

  A perfect display cabinet planning itself is a delicate artwork. It attracts the attention of customers through the collision of light and shadow, the combination of texture and information, and the blending of space and products. It builds a "bridge" between brand merchants and customers, which not only completes the shaping of the brand image, but also conveys the wonderful idea and uniqueness of the showcase planner Special artistic methods.

  The design of display cabinet should follow the application thinking of developing advantages and avoiding disadvantages, and give full play to the charm of material itself. Generally speaking, it can be divided into three types: the first is toughened glass and laminated glass, which make full use of the transparent, reflective and refractive physical properties of glass materials to fully show the luster of the products; the second is to use the chemical function of the origin of lamps and lanterns to adhere to the design of invisible lights to show the production Third, stainless steel, in terms of its decorative effect, design is its most prominent selling point. How to show the unique material quality of stainless steel and show it to show the noble display effect, fine workmanship is very important.
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