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The importance of coatings in the production of Exhibition cabinets

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:73    Pubtime:2020-11-05 14:59:38

  There is one kind of material that is essential when making display case, that is coating. It can be said that there is no paint can not make a display cabinet that can satisfy customers. Even if the design of the display cabinet is so novel and original, it is still dead. There is no way to bring any benefits to businessmen and create more business opportunities in the business field. Paint is the soul of the showcase, is the only magic weapon to determine whether the display is valuable. In spite of this, if it is not properly used or maintained, the surface of the display case will be discolored, which is a fatal injury to the display cabinet itself. To keep the surface of the display cabinet unchanged for a long time, it is necessary to avoid misuse or maintain it correctly. Let's talk about several ways for the display cabinet to remain unchanged for a long time

1. Choose high-quality coatings: there are all kinds of coatings on the market now, but they are not the same in quality and effect. In order to keep the paint on the surface of the display cabinet from discoloration for a long time, high-quality coating is an important key factor to achieve this; the second is technology. When coating the surface of the display cabinet, it is also important to be skilled in technology and high-quality coating It is a magic weapon to keep the paint on the surface of the exhibition cabinet unchanged for a long time.

2. The environment of the display cabinet: generally, the display cabinet is placed in the public places such as shopping malls, exclusive stores, shopping malls, large department stores, etc. the shopping malls will install and open air-conditioning in every corner. If the place where the display cabinet is just the air-conditioning port, the cooling water spray will be directly sprayed on the surface of the display cabinet. If the time is long, the paint will not fall off and change color easily. Therefore, attention must be paid to the environment where the display cabinet is located. The choice of good environmental space location is also an important factor to keep the surface coating of the display cabinet from discoloration for a long time.

3. Avoid exposure to the sun: sometimes in order to do business, you need to promote sales by moving the display cabinet directly from the indoor to the outdoor. In order to facilitate close contact with customers, do not hesitate to expose them to the sun for a long time. This practice is totally wrong. Do not sacrifice the image of the display cabinet for the sake of good business. In order to display the cabinet, try to avoid the direct sunlight on the display cabinet, must pay attention to.

  To sum up, pay attention to the above points. I believe that it is not difficult to keep the paint on the display case unchanged for a long time. Moreover, the image of the display cabinet is the key reason for the business to be good or bad. If you want to make the business prosperous for a long time, you should pay attention to the maintenance of the display cabinet. The display cabinet is a brand image in the shopping mall, and the good image counter can bring good brand for customers Marketing efficiency, improve terminal sales performance, improve brand image communication!
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