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Why don't we suggest that merchants buy second-hand or rental cosmetics display cabinets

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:79    Pubtime:2020-10-27 17:00:48

  Recently, some customers have inquired about renting cosmetics display cabinets. Maybe they want to buy second-hand display cabinets. It is a good thing to control the budget by purchasing display cabinets. However, when controlling the budget, we can't even save the quality. This is a bad choice. Since we rent or buy second-hand ones, we should clarify that cosmetics display cabinets have been used before. Why don't you recommend renting the second-hand cosmetics display cabinet. Since it is a cosmetics display cabinet that has been used by others, it is difficult to guess the stability and robustness of the goods platform. If it is a newly customized display cabinet, then the display factory can provide data to clearly know the service life and stability and robustness of the cosmetics display cabinet. However, the second-hand or rental display cabinet can not determine the time of use, and do not know when it is used by the original customer, Whether or not to touch what kind of external force, so its stability and strength we can not guess.

  Customers who want to buy second-hand cosmetics display cabinets will also be concerned about the formaldehyde problem. Since they have been used, most of the harmful substances such as formaldehyde have evaporated. Because the second-hand cosmetics display cabinets are used by others, even if they look very new, there will still be a lot of bacteria on them, which is caused by touching the human body and exposing the activity space for a long time.

  If you want to open your own shop, Yijia still suggests that you find a cosmetics manufacturer to customize the goods platform again, so that all aspects will be guaranteed!
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