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How many types of jewelry display cabinets are there?

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Do you know how many types of jewelry showcases are there? Shenzhen Lufan takes you to learn about the types of jewelry showcases!

Fine jewelry display cabinet: A display cabinet that can display products separately. The requirements for lighting and glass are very high, which can highlight the uniqueness of the product and increase the exposure of jewelry.

High cabinet: also known as back cabinet. In the manufacturing of showcases, cabinets with a height of more than 140 cm are collectively referred to as high cabinets. Products that need to be displayed on both sides are called double-sided cabinets and vertical cabinets. Called the back cabinet wall. Customers can choose jewelry and increase the length of the showcase arbitrarily with the size of the store.

Low cabinet: A display cabinet that produces the same product as the high cabinet, but the height is usually 120 cm or less. The back cabinets and double-sided cabinets are made to meet the needs of jewelry stores.

Front cabinet: refers to a jewelry display cabinet with a specification of about 100 cm. The glass cover of the front cabinet is very suitable for the use of reinforced ultra-white glass.

Corner cabinet: A display cases created when the rows and columns of the current cabinet need to intersect too many corners. The glass cover is higher than the front cabinet, allowing you to display representative brand jewelry separately.

Nakajima Cabinet: Also known as Nakajima Shelves, it is a showcase placed in the center of the store to display goods. The displayed image is relatively weak, usually decorated with counters and lights.

Please remember that different jewelry showcases need to be matched with different lights. For example, the size of jewelry such as gold, platinum, silver, and diamonds is relatively small and requires sufficiently high brightness. Used in jewelry such as pearls, emeralds and crystals. , It should be more obvious. The requirements for gloss and brightness are relatively low.

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