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What should I pay attention to in summer maintenance of cosmetics showcase?

Source:Funroad    Author:Funroad    Visit:45    Pubtime:2021-07-07 17:41:21
The hot summer is coming, businesses need to pay attention to the maintenance of cosmetics showcases. After all, the price of the cosmetics showcase is not that cheap. We have spent a lot of money to make it, and there should be a corresponding protection for it, especially in the hot summer. Today, I want to talk about some noteworthy places in the summer cosmetics showcase.

1. Where should the cosmetics showcase be placed?

Most cosmetic display cabinets are made of baking varnish. The location of the cosmetics showcase should be away from direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause severe cracks on the painted surface, and the cosmetic display cabinet is no longer usable. The correct approach is to put the cosmetic display cabinet in a cool and conspicuous place. This place is not exposed to the sun, but it also has a clear display effect.

2. Do not move the cosmetic display cabinet at will

Do not move the position of the cosmetics showcase, because the cosmetics showcase usually has lighting effects, and you need to touch the switches and sockets of the circuit in summer. The hot summer weather can easily lead to short circuit and aging of the circuit, so it is necessary to pay attention to safety issues.

3. Use time of cosmetic showcase

Small lamps such as light boxes and light bars are installed in the cosmetics showcase, but please note that they do not need to be opened in summer and are easily damaged when stored. If the display effect is not affected during the day, it can be used at high temperature. Opening in this way can save money and prevent damage to the cosmetic display case.

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