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What materials are selected in the production of the showcase?

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:45    Pubtime:2020-10-06 16:23:02

1、 Blockboard: good moisture-proof effect, can not be directly painted

   In the middle of the blockboard is a core made of natural wood sticks, and a thin veneer is pasted on both sides, which is one of the most important materials in the display cabinet manufacturing. It can be used in the center of the facade structure, wooden door and external structure of the display cabinet, with good waterproof performance and strong structural support. In the selection, to see its internal wood, not too broken, between the wood gap in the 3 mm arrangement of the blockboard is appropriate. Because the appearance of exposed wood grain is not beautiful, rarely directly paint, usually to paste veneer plywood. The display cabinet, decoration and other wooden structures made of it should be bonded with density board, and then sprayed with spray paint or bonded with fireproof board to achieve outstanding display effect.

2、 Integrated board: not easy to deform

   This is a new type of solid wood material. It is made of excellent imported large-diameter logs and is interlaced like fingers. Because the technology is not the same, this kind of board environmental protection performance is superior, is the blockboard to allow to contain formaldehyde 1 / 8. On the other hand, the board made of American spruce and other solid wood can be directly colored and painted, which saves one process than Blockboard.

3、 Medium density board: good flatness

   MDF is made of wood powder sawdust after being limited. It has good flatness but poor moisture resistance. In contrast, the strength of the density board is poor, and the screw is easy to loosen after tightening. Because the strength of the density board is not high, it is difficult to fix it again. Therefore, it is rarely used for cabinet body, and it is mostly used for pasting on the surface of paint display cabinet.

4、 Face three plywood: abundant wood texture

   Also known as plywood and plywood, the number of layers is different, the name is not the same, its quality depends on the material and wood types, such as maple plywood, texture clear and generous; oak plywood, straight grain is organized, the use of this material in the production of display cabinet with open paint treatment, the role is more high-grade. Usually, the use of wood grain in the production of display cabinets is the first three plywood veneer, that is, in the factory, a very thin solid wood veneer was pasted on the plywood. The veneer plywood is easy to use and the price is moderate.

A successful display cabinet customization needs to do the following:

1. Grasp the proportion of the display cabinet and the market space and the overall color relationship, and pay attention to the on-site installation and color matching of each part of the display cabinet. Use reasonable colors, shapes, pictures and layout, and create a unified impression in a coordinated way.

2. Make full and reasonable use of the existing space, pay attention to the dead corner of the display cabinet, and feel the flow of people in the store.

3. Display cabinet design should highlight the focus, focus is enough to attract attention. Complete the practical function of displaying commodities, and display the characteristics of commodities in an all-round way. Be aware that the customer is selling the product, not the shelf.
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