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How to use the display cabinet to improve the sales of cosmetics?

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:17    Pubtime:2020-11-06 14:33:37

  Cosmetics are generally aimed at female consumers, and showcase is a way to show this consumer goods to women. The display mode and location of cosmetics will have a direct impact on its sales. So how to use cosmetics display cabinets to attract female consumers' attention and improve product sales? In short, we can start from the following principles, let's have a look.

1. Principle of attraction: when new cosmetic products come into the market, especially for some products of medium and high-end brands, the principle of attraction is generally the most effective, which can not only attract the attention of customers, but also promote the new products.

2. The principle of convenience: the most important thing of store display is that it can be convenient for customers and the main flow direction, and the color decoration can be well reflected here.

3. Matching principle: when displaying the products, we should fully consider whether the products match with each other, so as to improve the sales volume of the shopping guide when recommending the products. The concept of clothing display can be introduced when listing. The items on a shelf can have different collocations. It is necessary to pay attention to the optimization of cosmetics combination and the differentiation of recommendation functions, so that customers will be happy to accept.

4. Profit making principle: no matter what kind of store they are, all their daily work is to make profits. "Cosmetics display should help to increase the sales of cosmetics stores". This is undoubtedly a nonsense. Whether it is a cosmetic store or other industries, the purpose of each store is very simple, that is, to sell and make money.

5. The principle of being clear at a glance: in the display of goods, the most important thing is to conform to the purchase habits of customers. Only the conspicuous and eye-catching display of the commodity position can make the customer understand the meaning of the commodity at a glance, which is crucial. If the customer doesn't understand what your display is trying to express, it's a waste of effort.

  The above are just a few of the more important points, but the change is inseparable. Only by grasping consumers' psychology and attracting consumers' attention can we increase the sales volume of products.
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