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Jewelry display cabinet for feng shui notes!

Source:凡路珠宝展柜厂    Author:凡路珠宝展柜厂    Visit:365    Pubtime:2018-10-16 17:40:26
Before the pen is written, it expresses a rational point of view: Feng Shui is a slightly controversial topic. After all, it is a relatively abstract and imaginary performance. However, Feng Shui is not a hole in the wind. It is rational to treat the winds of decibels and feng shui. The millennium naturally has its correct place. In fact, Feng Shui is not abstract but is close to reality. In Feng Shui, the decoration design is actually a system that considers a variety of natural material factors, because the environment affects the mood of the insiders and the perception of outsiders. What problems should the showcase of the jewelry store pay attention to? And a good front desk showcase feng shui can make passenger traffic soar, as a jewelry store management system must be a factor that should not be underestimated, if we can cover everything, why not do our ultimate?

    Here are a few points to sort out:

    Jewelry shop showcase Feng Shui matters needing attention

    1. The height of the display counter should be noted that the people outside can not see all the money in the display counter at a glance. The most ideal is the Tang ruler two feet nine inches (eighty-eight centimeters), this height is also suitable for the Luban ruler (treasure), (Jinbao), the counter is the place to enter and exit the money.

    2. The back of the showcase at the front of the jewelry store is preferably a wall. There is no backing behind the counter, but it is empty. It is not good. Because there is space, someone must move around. Some people move around. When they enter and leave the money, they will see the unrelated person and make The person who has served has a feeling of being poor and poor. In terms of Feng Shui, the wall is a backing, and the back of the person sitting behind the counter has a backing, that is, the watch is stable, and the flow of money is not lost for no reason.

    3. There is a large glass at the back of some display counters. This is also unstable. Since the glass is clear, the same money can be seen and seen by others. This is a feng shui bogey. Anything that touches the scenery can be installed in the glass. Thick cloth curtains, the color of the curtains, and the design of the person to be employed should not be too high, nor should they be unique. It is best to design L-shaped or V-shaped according to the demand. In order to avoid sharp corner shooting, it is best to change the sharp corner to round. Type, because the round shape is not only to prevent sharp corners, but also to pray for perfection.

    4. The jewellery store is also very important. If the two transports pass the peak period, they will turn downhill. After the renovation, change the facade shape and interior furnishings, and manually manufacture the second Wangyun, then the business will be able to Maintaining prosperity and hygiene is also safe.

    5. The counter dedicated to collecting money is best located at the “Tiger Edge”. The so-called "Tiger Edge" is equal to the right side, standing at the center of the store, facing the road, and the right hand is the "Tiger Edge." "Tiger side" is not moving, because the tiger will hurt people when they move, so it doesn't move. The "financial" is not moving, but the movement will be lost.

    Jewelry counter feng shui placed taboo

    First, the narrow corridor of the entrance corridor should not be chosen, and the passenger flow is unwilling to stay.

    Second, the lobby is more spacious and the passenger flow is smoother. The booth is in a good location and can accommodate guests.

    Third, other divisions are no more than passengers on the main road. This is like a river branch with less traffic.

    Fourth, the side of the show counter is on the passenger flow, the first section is not good (of course, if the promoters are very good, people can stay. It is also good). The second and third quarters are better. Relatively poor in the middle and later (the passenger flow was robbed, and the rest was less).

    Fifth, the counter faces the passenger flow, which is to be broken by the city gate and the giant gate.

    The introduction of the feng shui notes on the jewelry store showcase is here. Funroad Jewelry Showcase looks forward to working with you.
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