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What is the difference between synthetic diamonds and natural diamonds?

Source:凡路珠宝展柜厂    Author:凡路珠宝展柜厂    Visit:222    Pubtime:2018-10-15 17:41:40
A few days ago, De Beers launched a new brand of synthetic diamonds, Lightbox, and these synthetic diamonds will be made into beautiful jewellery for sale. The artificial diamond jewelry is exquisite and romantic, the color is also changeable, and its dazzling light can be compared with natural diamonds. What is the difference between artificial diamonds and natural diamonds?

First of all, natural diamonds and artificial diamonds are essentially different. One of them is a natural product formed by high temperature and high pressure for hundreds of millions of years. One is cultivated in the laboratory for several months, although the hardness and the like of the two are very close, but In terms of true meaning and value, synthetic diamonds and natural diamonds are still very different.

The difference between synthetic diamonds and natural diamonds
I. Value: Although the difference between synthetic diamonds and natural diamonds is small, it can be found at the time of purchase that synthetic diamonds of the same quality grade are much cheaper than natural diamonds, and some even have only five cents of natural diamonds. A price. Mainly because natural diamonds are precious in nature, diamonds are one of the rare gemstones, which are favored by women and jewelry collectors all over the world. Those diamonds with the weight of the world's unparalleled carats are even more acclaimed as rare treasures. The most beautiful ore of mankind.

Second, the appearance quality: artificial diamonds and natural diamonds are not very different in appearance, but the quality of artificial diamonds will be better in quality, mainly because artificial diamonds can slightly control the quality, the quality of diamonds produced in general All are better. Natural diamonds are naturally formed because they have no external force, so that the quality level will be difficult to grasp, resulting in a rare high-quality diamond.

Third, the meaning: in terms of meaning, natural diamonds and synthetic diamonds are very different. Natural diamonds symbolize precious and rare. People often use natural diamond rings to express their love. The stability of diamonds symbolizes eternal love and is more romantic. Although synthetic diamonds are the same as natural diamonds, they do not have the same natural meaning as natural diamonds. They are usually only used as jewelry that is usually worn. If it is proposed, marriage, marriage, etc. is not recommended.

The above is an introduction to the difference between synthetic diamonds and natural diamonds. According to the above introduction, although synthetic diamonds and natural diamonds have no difference in appearance, their essence is different. Xiaobian suggested that if you wear it at the time of purchase, such as diamond pendants, bracelets, etc., you can choose artificial diamonds, which are cheap and beautiful. If you are buying a diamond ring or a wedding diamond ring, you should choose natural diamonds to commemorate your sincere love.

The introduction of the difference between synthetic diamonds and natural diamonds is here, and the Van Jewelry Showcase looks forward to working with you.
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