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Jewelry display cabinet style variety, and more comfortable!

Source:深圳珠宝展柜厂家    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:298    Pubtime:2018-04-18 10:20:56

Rome was attacked by the German and Spanish aggressors, and the happy life of the early 16th century ended.Two-thirds of the victims were killed, and those who survived were not able to do so because of religious repression.Art is suppressed, art is destroyed, and aesthetic standards of art are reduced.The decor is rough and the show is more about value than beauty.

In the late Renaissance, the art of one of the top artists, Michelangelo Bonaparte (1475-1564), opened the baroque style.As the founder of the baroque style, Michelangelo was all the attention, especially his famous work, the arched roof mural of the Sistine chapel.He has a great influence on other forms of art, which is reflected in the increasing use of bold shapes, exaggerated scales, and more sculptural figures.

Under the rule of Italy in Spain, the freedom of knowledge culture and early Renaissance campaign the adventurous spirit of greatly reduced, KeXiMo (1537-1574) was a cruel despot, under his rule, the pretensions and steep profits ethos is popular in society.The connection between the artist and the employer became weak and the decoration dominated the art.Commerce, the foundation of the early Renaissance, is now being replaced by militarism.Venice was successful in art at that time because it was less influenced by Spain and the Pope.

The display style becomes diversified and more comfortable.With the emergence of other types of cases,'d class as the main storage shelves, cable, long box, this is seen as the Italian Renaissance is the most important cases to form, the scope of its application by new shrink.The cabinets, sideboards and boxes with drawers, doors, panels and walls gradually replaced the cassona trunk.But they are small in number compared to the cassona case, and they are made of sarcophagus and decorated with lions' feet.

The display style of the 16th century was influenced by different styles.Palladio is known for his superb classical and elegant proportions in architecture.Similarly, he influenced the production of the evening Renaissance exhibition cabinet.These display cabinets, ornamental engraving is more elaborate, and decorative lines are often relatively simple.Michelangelo, on the other hand, masters of the Renaissance movement, is good at using dramatic and exaggerated modelling, affected, in architectural interior and appeared on the shelves adornment more bold carving and multifarious heavy adornment line.Another form of expression is the desire to show off, especially some skilled Italian techniques, such as mosaics.This kind of inlay decoration USES inferior stone material, not use the solid wood of coloring.The display cabinets usually have a darker tone on the contrast, so the mosaics are often decorated in ebony or other dark wood.This technique was very sophisticated and very popular in the early seventeenth century.This is the time when europeans outside Italy are exploring the use of mosaics to make tables and cabinets.

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