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The development of shenzhen fan road display factory, the development history of the exhibition booth!

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Spain has an X chair, which is similar to that of the Italian, the Dante chair and the savona Lola chair, which is called the salon chair or the hip joint chair.The display was borrowed from the moors and decorated with intricate geometric inlays, such as taracea.In addition, there is a popular Spanish Renaissance armchair called the monk chair, with leather cushions and backrest.In the Renaissance, a rectangular arm-chair with a high back, known as the Portuguese chair, may have originated in Portugal.Other features of the display are the delicate gyrus component, the delicate leather cushion, and the scroll leg, known as the Spanish leg.The dining table or chair, or the new row, is also rectangular, with the back and face decorated.The long one, or banco, is also very popular, and is usually used in combination with a shipper and an armchair.The processing of fine cast iron is supported, supporting the long film, while playing a decorative role.In some of the more important long ones, it is usually made of leather and velvet.

The bed, also called cama, is usually laid with fabric, and the grade and quality of the fabric is related to the owner's wealth and status.The table, also called tasa, has a variety of sizes and styles.The long narrow shape of the wood table comes from the Abbey, the table can be moved, under the table there is a horizontal cheng.Larger tables are usually made with a rotary body or carved leg shape, as well as a lower support with decorative cast iron.At the same time, small, portable tables were common in many Spanish homes in the 17th century.

The main items used for storage are cabinets, also known as arca, and also include a lot of boxes that are made for special purpose.The cabinet usually has a hinged flat-topped cover with carved, painted, gilt, or even typical Spanish - shaped cast-iron decorations or spikes.The surface of the display is often decorated with leather, velvet, Moore geometry and ivory.The cupboard can be set in the wall, with a Moorish pattern of tile on the surface.It wasn't until the 17th and 18th centuries that cabinets that were not built into walls became popular, and its style was similar to that of the French wardrobe.Fresquera is a kind of cupboard with food on the wall, which can be ventilated and ventilated, which is more common at that time.The most elaborate storage display case is Wagner, which can be used as a storage file cabinet and as a writing desk.Cabinet put oneself in another's position inside and is usually designed by Moorish fine wood inlay and ivory inlays, decoration, but the internal decoration is not easy to let people see, because inside the drawers and doors by a hidden door with a hinged lid.

The Spanish art was influenced by Moore and France, and by the 17th century, Spanish baroque had both Italian and French characteristics, and gradually became luxurious and redecorated.In the first half of the 18th century, Spain was ruled by king Philip v of the bourbons, so Louis xv's French baroque style was followed by Louis xv's rococo style.In the archbishopric, however, both the structure and the decoration of the display were followed by the old-fashioned Moorish approach.Even in Spain, an art center that follows French fashion, the cabinet makers are focused on a limited number of styles.Perhaps in the early production of the Spanish Renaissance, bold and powerful simple styling and decorative metal craft were the Spanish style.

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