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Solid wood bending jewelry display counter design and production analysis!

Source:深圳珠宝展柜厂家    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:112    Pubtime:2018-04-18 10:15:06

Michael sohn.In 1819 he began to make a home.In 1830, the production of solid wood bending display was made.His invention was registered in 1841 and exhibited at the crystal palace in London in 1851.In 1853, he founded a family business with his five sons.In 1856 a large factory was established in Moravia.Michael sonnett died in 1871, and the company continued to expand and manufacture samples, and then mass-produced them.In 1850-1871, the factory produced more than 4 million curved solid wood displays, mostly chairs.In 1900, there were about 6,000 employees who produced 4,000 display cases a day.By 1929 there were 20,000 employees and 18,000 chairs a day.As of 1930, 50 million sets of 14 chairs were sold.

The advantages of the cable knight chair, nested table and other display products are that the design is reasonable and comfortable, and does not use too much decoration.All have the characteristics of light weight and strong structure;Parts can be interchangeable and therefore suitable for mass production;In addition to the longer wood, the continuous free bending can produce a variety of unbelievable and aesthetic rooms.

The steel pipe display cabinet of solent follows the principle of solid wood bending and is mixed with plywood, rattan or fabric.Including marcel Braun, matt, mu, mies van DE, le corbusier and charlotte LeiEnDe finish top designers, with their latest design popular in the whole of Europe.In 1929, when the sonnet brothers' exhibition hall opened in London, the British public, who had just known the cantiform chair, first came into contact with a design that contained both simple and material aesthetics.The steel tube display of solent has subsequently influenced the development of the British steel tube booth, which is transformed in inspiration and imitation.

Steel tube chairs are used in public places, such as restaurants, and some people think that these chairs are more serious and indifferent to the family.The steel tube display, though a short period in London's fashion industry, has been widely welcomed across the UK.

The great depression objectively promoted the success of steel pipe display.Britain has always attached great importance to the unadorned display case and the comfort. At first, people reluctantly accepted the steel pipe display case at home.Of course, people are more willing to see steel tubular chairs in the office and medical environment, where health is the first thing to consider.Or in a tropical environment, because the steel tube display is cool and mothproof.But the recession has increased the demand for small and clean living environment, the steel tube under relatively small size, good durability, low price, and the public's aesthetic standards just accord with the demand.

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