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Middle and high-end shop cabinets, table cabinets, set box size and design!

Source:深圳珠宝展柜厂    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:525    Pubtime:2018-04-10 10:07:45

The display cabinet is a prop for protecting and highlighting important exhibits. The exhibition booth is built with a high level of finished products, which can be purchased in bulk production, and can also be designed for ordering and processing of drawings.The display cabinets usually have cabinets, tables, sets and so on.

The cabinet, now commonly used in the cabinets are mainly assembled high cabinets and central cabinet.There are grooves in the vertical and horizontal components, glass can be inserted, and some of the spring steel CARDS are used to clamp the glass.If it is placed in the center of the center of the exhibition hall, it is necessary to install glass all around.If placed on the wall, side wall can only install the backboard, do not need to install glass, at the top of the high cabinet and the interior can also be equipped with lighting fixtures.The width of the common finished products is generally no more than 1200mm, and the height is not more than 2400mm, if the design is too wide and too high.You can use two cabinets to splice together.

Ark of ark of desk, table usually has two kinds of planar ark cabinet with slope, which cant cabinet modelling rich move feeling, use is more, it is divided into two one inclined tank and double oblique ark, single inclined ark is usually placed against the wall, double mitre ark is placed in the middle of the hall.The total height of the flat cabinet is 50 1200mm.The total height of the incline cabinet is 1400m.The cabinet length is 1200 11400mm.It has a depth of 700, 900mm and a net height of 300·500mm.

The set box, the set box is for one direction only, similar to the cabinet type display case in the window.The interior to set up various small exhibition scenes, so that the exhibits in a more realistic environment to make the small effect more vivid.The set box can be large and small, with a general width and height of 3001, 2500mm, and a depth of 30011500mrn. It can also be determined according to actual needs.Set box back and the top can be designed into arc, to create space profound sense, in order to ensure that set the real effect of the depth of the display design of large box sets at least shall be the width of more than 50%, also should be focused on lighting design Settings will be set separately in the lights, display effect is highlighted.

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