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The knowledge of manufacturing and processing safety of exhibition cabinet is popularized!

Source:深圳珠宝展柜厂家    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:518    Pubtime:2018-04-09 09:53:39

Cases and factory production safety knowledge under factory operating skills, cases and factory is our output storefront location, so our cases and factory should be how to operate it, what problem should note again, just to look at it.

Which focuses on the knowledge about the dust explosion, we plant dust is more at ordinary times, exhibiting ark of the formation of explosion is a certain concentration of combustible dust in the air, in the role of energy source, which will be an explosion, so prevention of dust explosion safety measures have the following three categories:

First, control the concentration of combustible dust in the combustion material: in the production, the storage space can be used with good sealing equipment to reduce dust flying;It is difficult to finish the work in the sealing place. The ventilation and dust removal equipment should be installed to eliminate the combustible dust suspended in the air in time to prevent the explosion of combustible dust.

Second, to control the relative humidity in the workplaces where: when the air humidity relative increase, reduce dust, increase into settling velocity, avoid dust explosion concentration limits, part to eliminate static electricity at the same time, equivalent to eliminate some of the ignition source, inhibit the occurrence of dust explosion.

Third, eliminate homework ready-made ignition source: can cause the ignition source open flames of dust explosion, welding firefox, electric spark, smoking, spark and so on, can eliminate to eliminate, cannot eliminate the protection measures should be taken to avoid interaction form explosion.

The second kind is our baking lacquer room, make the lacquer booth must use the baking lacquer room, first talk about the safe production basic knowledge of the baking lacquer house.

1. Ignition temperature. The lowest temperature of the explosive mixture is ignited according to the standard experimental method.

2. Special ventilation for the control of flammable gas or powder concentration in the baking paint room, including: fresh air for adequate supply;Reduce lung ventilation to the appropriate area;Organize reasonable air circulation.The concentration of combustible gas or powder in any working condition is lower than the explosion limit.

3. The combustion products of the heating system of the baking paint room enter the workshop and directly contact the heating parts.Most of the time it is the accident caused by improper operation, so we can reduce the accident rate, we can adopt the following measures.

1. Strengthen the standard of publicity, compulsory elimination of outdated technology and unsafe equipment.

2. Strengthen the design, manufacture and use of the multi-baking paint room.

3. Indoor safe and ventilated, in the process of drying, drying room contains combustible gas or powder, the painting room must install safety ventilation device.

4. Use sufficient strength heater in the baking room.

5. Automatic temperature control and overtemperature package should be set in the baking room.

6. Fire-proof and reliable facilities shall be adopted near the baking room, and fire-fighting equipment shall be provided.

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