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Share several kinds of jewelry counter display method and tonal collocation method!

Source:珠宝展示柜台厂家     Author:凡路商业展示    Visit:395    Pubtime:2017-09-28 10:51:06

There are two properties of jewelry counter display: one, for people to view and browse.Make people buy desire

This HuaFa is set up according to the customer psychological process, customer psychological activity summary: interest in watching - - lenovo - lust - less balance - trust - decided to act - content eight stages

At present, we mainly adopt the method of weighing, comparing and rhythm.

1. The symmetric method

Jewelry jewelry is displayed according to the principle of symmetry, and its subdivision can be divided into axisymmetric method and center to weighing method.

Axisymmetric method - with the middle line of counter mesa as the axis of symmetry, the two sides of jewelry are symmetrical, and the common patterns are rectangular, trapezoidal and various types of composite.

The center pairs the method - that is, the jewelry is arranged in a symmetrical arrangement around the center. The common figures are round and radial.

2. The comparison method

The jewelry that is about two or more different color, shape is skillfully put together, create the distinctive difference on the person's vision, thereby highlight and render theme jewelry role.Contrast display is mainly reflected in color contrast, texture contrast, style contrast and so on

3. The rhythm method

Rhythm "is originally the music rhythm in the United States, in the jewelry display stretch as the concept of time and space, it from the perspective of rational reminds us that in the conception, design and implementation of the display should make full use of vocal music, Yang, suppression," the principle, as far as possible to the counter and display of color contrast, proper arrangement density, stereo effect is remarkable.

Color collocation - color is one of the important characteristics of the jewelry counter, and the display should pay attention to jewelry, props and counters.

Props colors - colors and counter props color should be coordinated with the counter the overall color, such as specialty stores the overall color is pink, the selected items such as ring tray can use white lining, pink border, is consistent with the counter the overall color and not get in the way of jewelry display.

The color of props and jewelry should be used to match the color of the jewelry, which can be highlighted by contrasting colors or coordinating colors, and the current domestic market can be used in several ways.

Use a black velvet tray to set platinum inlaid diamond jewelry, black and white contrast the bright light of the diamond.

The pallet of red border in white is placed jade article, red and green contrast foil jade green;

The white silk tray is used to put various pearls to foil the soft beauty of the pearl.

Use a light blue silk tray for platinum jewelry, and foil the platinum silver shine.

The counter repair decorations, in order to make the renovation counter more vivid, the activity, can put flowers, leaves and other plants in the space of the tray, the vase, stone material and so on.

Wall decoration

The wall of the jewelry sales place is a very good publicity site.Wall decoration should pay attention to the image of the company, the image of the product, the image of the brand and the image of service.On the wall, we can put up a few posters of jewelry brand, corporate logo, enterprise service project announcement, etc., to increase the customer's understanding and impression of the enterprise and commodities.

The counter light

The lighting can highlight the shape, color, texture and attention of the store's merchandise.The lighting configuration of the jewelry counter requires scientific and reasonable, generally speaking:

Emerald, ruby and other warm - toned gems require yellow lighting

Diamonds, light blue, and other cool colors require a white light

Opal, pearl, jade and other easily lost stones require the counter to be equipped with a small water cup, maintain certain humidity, the lighting temperature should not be too high.

This article is provided by the direct selling manufacturer of all road jewelry display cabinets: 20 years of experience in display cabinet design for jewelry stores, which will help you to improve your brand value quickly.

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