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When the jewelry display counter is maintained, what details should be paid attention to?| van road decoration

Source:珠宝展示柜台厂家     Author:凡路商业展示    Visit:214    Pubtime:2017-09-27 10:04:37

Any product needs to be maintained, and the jewelry display cabinet is no exception.New scrubbing do jewelry cases and more often, because of its surrounding some residual glue, scrubbing away these things will disappear, will be more slowly dark, especially the surface is glass and metal shelves.In the maintenance of the jewelry display case should pay attention to the details.

1. Clean the cloth: when the jewelry display cabinet is in clean maintenance, make sure the cloth used is clean.When cleaning or wiping away dust, be sure to turn over or replace a clean rag.Don't be lazy and repeatedly use the same side that has already been dirty, this will only cause the dirt to repeatedly rub on the surface of the jewelry display, but will damage the display cabinet's bright surface.

2, orbit to regular cleaning: jewelry cases and the orbit on the backlog of easy to dust, can affect the sliding of jewellery cupboard door, which affects the service life of the jewelry cases, be sure to regularly to remove dust and the corners in the orbit.

3. Must choose the care agent: want to maintain the brightness of the original brightness of the jewelry display cabinet, can choose the display cabinet nursing spray wax and clean maintenance agent two kinds of display cabinet maintenance products.

4, eliminate the scratches on the jewelry counter: if accidentally leave scratches on jewelry shelves or very hot mark, don't panic, in general, as long as the rag wipe can be removed in a timely manner.If the trace is too deep, you can gently rub it with iodine, or apply petroleum jelly to it, and wipe it off with a clean cloth.

Actually more should pay attention to the time distribution of jewelry cases and best cleaning and maintenance in: 6:30 a.m. to 7:00, and when to 23:00, according to numerous jewelry store opening and closing time, during this period of a few minutes to do cleaning and maintenance is for the best time, suggest maintenance time is at night, because itself is not easy to dirty, exhibiting ark evening won't dirty under normal conditions, only during the day and the traffic was too long, by outsiders to jewelry cases to contact, how many will contaminate cases, key distribution on toughened glass, immediately if there is a obvious besmirch cleaning, difficult to clean the stains can spare glass cleaner.And the long-term use of a built-in LED light some dust electrostatic adsorption heat, do the cleaning in the evening to go, do not cleaning and maintenance is not during the day, but rather of high-end jewelry cases without regular maintenance, the water contact long time on the cases and adverse instead.

According to the current, many jewelry store is at this time for cases and maintenance time, believe that a lot of jewelry store had mastered the jewelry cases and cleaning and maintenance time, or have their own cleaning time distribution.

Above is simple maintenance skill, achieve these jewelry ark new to the end!For more information, please pay attention to our website in shenzhen!!!

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