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What are the criteria for shopping mall showcase design and matching

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:104    Pubtime:2020-09-21 10:55:48

  A good shopping mall must pay great attention to the matching of showcases. It must incorporate many elements in the decoration planning, analyze the relationship between the operating area and the number of products to be displayed. If the area is too small, the product performance will be limited, and the area is too large and not available. Enough varieties to fill the performance space. The combination cabinets with the same height are stable and unchangeable enough, and they should be matched with the low display cabinets. The high and low connections require that the main features of each display cabinet be consistent with the process. Let's take a look at the shopping mall decoration design and shopping mall display cabinet matching guidelines with Funroad showcase manufacturers.                                                                                                                                                          

Color ratio and comfort should be coordinated

  Regarding different colors generally have different psychological and physical effects on people, such as seeing warm colors (orange, yellow, red), etc., will make people feel warm, irritating, and give people a feeling of excitement ; But if you see cool colors (blue, cyan, blue and purple), etc., the stimulation is weak, giving people a sense of calm and composure, and even thicker colors can make people feel creepy. The bright colors give people the feeling of traveling, and the dark colors give people the feeling of retreat. The common sense of the use of these colors can be found in general books about the principles and composition of colors, and we can also observe them delicately in our practical life. Specifically, how do we use these common sense of colors to arrange the planning of the showcase, this is a more practical problem. The general method of color planning is to choose more consistent placement, which is more stable and easy to produce results.

  The so-called uniformity of colors means that some colors are placed closer together on the color cycle or color wheel, and they are also similar colors. They are not very comparable, and will not cause too much error and opposition when matched. They give people a feeling of comfort, softness, calmness and stability. Most people are more eccentric and easier to grasp and use. Which category to choose The color should be based on the customer's positioning, so as to catch the customer's attention. Warm colors appear comfortable and comfortable, while cool colors appear fresh and lively. When the planner chooses the color, he should also decide according to the other conditions of different shops, and choose the right color according to the surrounding environment, light, area size, and function.

  At the same time, the color selection should also be coordinated with other decorations in the mall. If the soft furnishings in the store are mainly decorated with wood, the basic tone of the store should be brown or yellow in the warm color series, and the selection of various fabrics should be based on colors such as yellow, brown, coffee, white, and red. To prevent monotony, you can make more changes in the fabric's picture, texture, and texture to achieve a rich effect. Try to be careful not to use any color you see. There is no overall concept, no prior planning, so that the colors in the mall will be messy and disorderly, and customers look like a grocery store at first glance.

  In short, the use of color uniformity method to decorate shopping malls is a widely used method. That is to use the same color as the main body to lay out the whole, but you can also use more jumping colors on the small key decorations to achieve the best decorative effect and have the finishing touch.

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