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The space planning essence of exhibition hall design of exhibition cabinet factory!

Source:深圳展柜定制厂    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:518    Pubtime:2018-04-09 09:50:12

Exhibition hall design essence of space planning, the exhibition hall is one of the important ways to promote our products, so as a brand publicity show should grasp what essence, below to see it.

As the exhibition hall knows, space planning is the essence of the whole exhibition design in the exhibition hall design.As an important display of brand publicity, it is necessary to make great efforts to design and make it.The following points should be noted in space planning:

1. The space design of exhibition hall should be liquid.

Exhibition hall because of the large number of people, so in the space layout to facilitate the introduction and flow of people.Because the people in the exhibition hall space in the space of the visitors are the state of the movement, the smooth space movement can enhance the goodwill and experience of customers.

2. Considering the humanistic factors, people-oriented.

Exhibition hall is not just material enjoyment to the person, more important is to satisfy people spiritual demand, customers get a lot of content, on perception will have deep impression on the brand and product, so these are the space design must be considered, can make the space to better serve the people.

3. Focus on display of key commodities.

Display is the protagonist of the exhibition hall, should put brand main products in the most conspicuous place, let a person simply have to get to the main information, this is the main purpose of the space planning.Therefore, the design of exhibition hall must combine the problem of space with the main products of exhibition.

4. Security of exhibition hall.

In the exhibition hall of foot traffic, safety is the most important, if the accident is not only the role of the brand positive propaganda does not meet will also have a negative impact, even customers are parts such as more serious consequences.

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