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Three points to pay attention to in the design of jewelry display cabinets

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:58    Pubtime:2021-05-22 16:14:05
There are many factories in Shenzhen that design and manufacture jewelry counters. When it comes to the design and manufacture of jewelry counters, many friends will not feel unfamiliar. When designing and manufacturing jewelry counters, what aspects should we pay attention to? Here is a brief introduction.

1. The design and production of jewelry counters pay attention to visual effects
Generally speaking, when designing jewelry display cabinets, visual effects should also be considered. This is mainly because in the design process of jewelry display cabinets, there are more comprehensive content, such as various flat, three-dimensional and color combinations. We also have our own set of very good standards. In this way, we can also provide consumers with Silver jewelry renders the atmosphere.

2. The jewelry display cabinet pays attention to lighting design
In addition to focusing on visual effects, there are many requirements for lighting design in the design process of jewelry display cabinets. Generally speaking, display cabinets use indoor lighting. In this way, the overall brightness of the silver jewelry showcase can also be improved. In order to better enhance the overall three-dimensional effect of the jewelry display cabinet, it is necessary to install some light sources on the edge of the display cabinet.

3. In the design process of the jewelry display cabinet, pay attention to the color change of the jewelry counter

The requirements for color are relatively high. Generally speaking, it also pursues simplicity and generosity, and it is also very strict in terms of color changes. If you don't pay attention to this change, it will easily cause everyone's aesthetic fatigue, and naturally it will not achieve the desired effect.
Generally speaking, in the design and production of jewelry display cabinets, it is also best to design and make better according to the characteristics of its products, so as to better highlight the product effect.
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