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What are the aspects of jewelry display?

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:95    Pubtime:2020-10-05 14:47:30

1. Illumination of jewelry display cabinet

   Illuminance refers to the brightness of the object, so the illuminance value is often used as one of the most basic methods to measure the lighting quality. Reasonable key lighting can create a variety of contrast effects, emphasizing the shape, texture and color of goods, improve the visibility and attractiveness of commodities, so as to attract more eyeballs.

   In the lighting design of jewelry display cabinet accessories, due to the small size of gold, platinum, pearl, diamond, etc., the highlight display of jewelry requires the use of key lighting, and the illuminance of jewelry should be high enough. However, some jewelry such as jadeite and crystal should pay attention to softness, and the illumination should not be too high.

2. Three dimensional feeling of jewelry display cabinet

   The three-dimensional sense of exhibits is formed by the illumination of different directions with different illumination ratios. Especially, the application of backlight is very important. In foreign light color design, there is always backlight. Space and three-dimensional sense are mainly formed by backlight, such as backlight 100%, side light 50%, and surface light 20% to form a three-dimensional sculpture sense.

3. Fine workmanship

   The workmanship of jewelry display cabinet is mainly welding and cutting. I don't know if we understand that jewelry display cabinet needs fine workmanship in many aspects. For example, if the welding is not in place or a little less, then there will be many questions in the use process. In terms of incision, it is necessary to strike while the iron is hot, otherwise there will be spines or differences in length. Will it be suitable to use it or do it again?

4. The best raw materials

   At this time, the most important thing for us to design the display cabinet is to choose the best raw materials for jewelry display, and the key point is to choose the best raw materials for jewelry display?
The above questions are the final useful questions of the resolution. The jewelry display cabinet made by heart is in line with the useful norms, "every display cabinet is regarded as the creation with heart!" Funroad production department said. If the display case received by the customer is useful, after a few years or decades, the trusting customer will also come to you for cooperation. If you really pay attention to the useful aspect, the competition will be very fierce, but it will certainly be able to gain a firm foothold in the market in the future.
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