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You have to look at this before you choose the color of the showcase

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:103    Pubtime:2020-09-22 11:34:06

  Colors convey information faster than graphics and text. The colors of display cabinets include floor, display props and wall colors. Therefore, do not think that the more intense the color contrast, the stronger the visual impact on the audience, but to the selection of color display cabinet are relatively concise, concise and coordinated, most of them choose monochrome to represent the company image, and then facilitate everyone's memory.

  Standard colors can be used to unify the display cabinets and all shops. Different types of shops should have different color planning, and different seasons should also have different color planning for exclusive stores. We should also think about the influence of popular colors. In addition, indoor to prevent the presentation of color dead corner, corner color contrast to be more significant. In the past, standard color cards were used to determine the color of display cabinets. Color cards were divided into three groups:

  1. Key basic card series: generally do not use the color with high contrast and low lightness. Most of them choose the coordinated color on the top of the color scale center, which determines the basic color for the color planning of the display cabinet.

  2. Auxiliary color card series: expand the planning of the main color series color cards, assign color system with the main color color card, and do not select colors with high contrast.

  3. Decoration color series: can choose the color with high contrast and clear contrast, and use it in part and small area to make the finishing point.

  The display cabinet manufacturers should make the color of the display cabinet clear, consistent and romantic, and can also reach the contrast of elegant, harmonious and natural color effect, reach the visual comfort, and attract consumers to the store to enjoy. The color used in the display cabinet should not only consider the consistency and overall effect of all stores, but also consider the coordination with the color of adjacent shops and the effect of placing them together.

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