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Which display cabinets are more popular in the industry

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:90    Pubtime:2020-10-12 15:12:34

  Now display cabinets are used in various professions. What kind of display cabinets are produced in Changsha display cabinet factory? The following display cabinet manufacturers give us a brief introduction:

1、 Cosmetics display

  There are more and more brands of cosmetics. In addition to their own independent stores, first-line brands basically set up product display cabinets in major shopping malls. The intention is not only to sell products, but also to better influence the brand. The common cosmetics display cabinets include: L'Oreal cosmetics display cabinet, Avon display cabinet, Olay oil product display cabinet, meifubao exhibition cabinet, natural hall display cabinet, etc. Generally, there are color make-up cabinet, experience cabinet, and product display cabinet, so that customers can personally experience the function of the product.

2、 Glasses display cabinet

  There are many factors that affect the quality of signboards in the decoration of glasses shops. In addition to the shop name, the selection and integrity of fonts should be considered. When we walk to the street, we often see some good shop names embedded on the signboards in front of the door with crooked fonts. Wrong characters, traditional characters emerge in an endless stream, and even some hard and hard words are used. The signboard of the glasses shop should prevent the words that are not commonly used. The purpose of the signboard is to make people understand clearly that bluffing will only attract customers' bad feelings. For example, there is no need to take a foreign name for a Chinese product. Store name planning should have characteristics, but it should not be too far away from the topic. Customers can know what the product you are operating through the store name. A good store name should have three characteristics: first, simple pronunciation and simple memory; second, it can highlight the nature of shop operation; third, it can leave a deep impression.

3、 Footwear display cabinet

  The size of shoes is small and the variety is complex. Therefore, in the space and display of planning clothes, the moral character should reasonably partition, distribute and arrange customers' moving line according to the operation category and the characteristics of customers' shopping behavior, and set up auxiliary props for customers to try on shoes.

4、 Display cabinet of household appliances

  At present, the variety of household appliances is complex. In the arrangement of display cabinet space and product furnishings, the classification should be clear to facilitate customers to purchase. Plan for the display of film and television equipment. Different household appliances have different functional characteristics and requirements. Therefore, the height and structural space of the display frame should be different. Whether to select the above ground display, high platform display, wall display or hanging display should be determined according to the specific situation. Modern commercial exhibition seeks the visual communication function of products. For example, in the display of television, if it is combined into a television wall, you can use a large TV picture with visual impact to attract customers. The furnishing of sound equipment needs to plan a more peculiar background wall and environment, so that customers can have a feeling of music idea space. As for the exquisite products of pocket type, they should be displayed in the special glass display cabinet to show their precision and value and influence customers' purchase desire.
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