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Three dimensional form of display cabinet design

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:89    Pubtime:2020-10-13 15:10:35

  In the display planning, including the way of exhibition, all kinds of enterprises, the way of three-dimensional display of props in the booth, and the display of three-dimensional shape play an indispensable role in the display of window display. The three-dimensional way is the foundation of display planning, and also one of the influencing factors. Look at the specific analysis of Funroad showcase below.Three dimensional structure is a kind of simple or general material way, to explore a more reasonable and perfect pure way. The three-dimensional form of modern planning, including modern display planning, provides an effective modeling method. In modern exhibition planning, the three-dimensional way is different from the simple three-dimensional way. It has the characteristics of individuality, "unity of intention", and scientificity.

  In the interior of the exhibition hall, it is necessary for planners to cut the space, flow, color, picture, text, sound, layout, lighting, data and shape, cut the space, guide the flow of people, form a way, and use all kinds of three-dimensional information, which can be blocked, and commercial booths and props. On the one hand, their colors, images and words effectively show the information content of the exhibits, spread to the audience and arouse the audience's resonance. On the other hand, these three-dimensional ways need to be different, to catch the audience's eyes, attract them to continue to visit. People's eyes are often personalized, magnificent, colorful, with dynamic elements of attraction.
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