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Anhui project Xijia restaurant completed

Anhui project Xijia restaurant completed

   This is the decoration design scheme of Xijia restaurant. The design style adopts the new central design style. The reason why the new Chinese style is adopted is that the designer has also integrated new elements into the Chinese design. In the designer's opinion, the design of Xijia restaurant is not only referring to Chinese style, but also extending and expanding on the basis of Chinese style. The designer hopes to create a comfortable and distinctive Xijia restaurant.

   After entering the space, the first thing customers feel is the ancient style. Here, customers are temporarily separated from the fast times, and the slow life of customers is opened here.

   Dining here is a kind of enjoyment. The beautiful indoor environment makes customers forget about it. Delicious dishes and beautiful dining environment are the competitive advantages of the restaurant.

   The first feeling of the quiet path is quiet, which makes people curious about the internal space. Under such guidance, quietness becomes a new theme, so that customers can enjoy peace and quiet here.

   The lamp is placed in the center of the space, which not only plays a barrier role, but also plays a decorative role. The interior is Chinese style design, and the exterior is modern landscape. Ancient and modern meet again at this moment.

   Sofa uses two in one design, when the middle is opened, a space is divided into two spaces.

   The window design here, indoor and outdoor feel completely different, the internal environment is quiet, the external environment is close to nature.

   Ancient lights reappear in the human world after special treatment, which makes us feel like we are in general with the heaven and the earth. Here, the reality and the ancient are integrated into one, making people feel different dining environment.

   This is the end of the decoration design of Xijia restaurant. The designer not only refers to Chinese style, but also extends and expands on the basis of Chinese style. The designer hopes to create a comfortable and distinctive Xijia restaurant.


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