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Shenzhen Funroad Exhibition & Display Co., Ltd. Was established in 1997, making the independent brand FUNROAD, professional design, standard production, network sales in one.Specializing in the production of high end commercial display cabinets, we are committed to tailor our unique style to our customers, fashion and fashion, which covers the personalized commercial display cases of various elements. Email:sale@szfunroad.com Whatsapp: +86 13902971377.

Design advantage - our designer has 10 years of relevant experience, continuous learning to Europe and the United States and Hong Kong, the company you can find the most to meet the requirements of your unique brand design team, they rely on their own years of experience in actual combat, through the communication with you and understand your needs and combined with culture and characteristics of commercial space, stores, commercial space, boutique through unique design the perfect show in front of you.

Quality advantage, we deeply know the build your brand, is our only survival, to provide you with the best commercial space image, we introduce the advanced production equipment, designers, sales consultant, production supervisor, following the tracks of strictly the quality pass, each product we are finely crafted, strives for perfection, strive to do a good job in every process, every detail we do not tolerate a little mistake.

Service concept, we understand the subtlety, the operation of the terminal market to "the job you are the image of" for the purpose, to make your products sell better, let's create beautiful tomorrow together!

From 2016 to 2017, the shenzhen every road decoration in jewelry, jewelry display cabinet, exhibiting ark jewelry counter, shelves and watch cases and business of cosmetics do excellent grades, the industry watches, in 2017 is expected to become the first domestic jewelry shelves manufacturers.

Shop Furniture Types
FUNROAD already have 19 years experience,we are professional on watch & jewelry showcases, cosmetic furniture, optical frame displays, digital displays, clothing display racks, shoe&bag displays .
  • Jewelry Store Display

    Jewelry Store Display

  • Cosmetic Display Showcase

    Cosmetic Display Showcase

  • Watch Display Showcase

    Watch Display Showcase

  • Phone Display Showcase

    Phone Display Showcase

  • Clothing/Shoes/Handbag Display

    Clothing/Shoes/Handbag Display

  • Optical Reveal Ark

    Optical Reveal Ark

  • Wine Reveal Ark

    Wine Reveal Ark

  • Salon Display Cabinet

    Salon Display Cabinet

Popular Products In Overseas Markets
Choose best jewelry showcase design suppliers and best competitive prices manufacturers. We can fully customise jewellry display counter with any size ,any shape,any color,any logos
  • Tempered Glass Jewelry LED Lighting Jewelry Counter Jewelry Store Display

    Tempered Glass Jewelry LED Lighting Jewelry Counter Jewelry Store Display

  • Jewellery Island Shop Wood Stainless Steel Jewelry Kiosk for Mall

    Jewellery Island Shop Wood Stainless Steel Jewelry Kiosk for Mall

  • Creative design shopping mall jewellery kiosk retail glass jewelry kiosk

    Creative design shopping mall jewellery kiosk retail glass jewelry kiosk

  • Customized jewelry display kiosk retail jewelry kiosk for sale

    Customized jewelry display kiosk retail jewelry kiosk for sale

  • Custom jewelry showroom

    Custom jewelry showroom

  • jewelry store display counter

    jewelry store display counter

  • Jewelry kiosk design

    Jewelry kiosk design

  • Shopping mall jewelry kiosk

    Shopping mall jewelry kiosk

Why Choose Us
  • Factory 26,000㎡ with specializated workshop, staff 400 workers, experience 15 years.
  • High efficient, affordable price, available stock
  • Eco-friendly raw material
  • Satisfied after-sale : more than 2 years
Our Customer & Customer Feedback

Jane is an extraordinary talent simply the most skilled and knowledgeable massage therapist i have ever worked with.

Joseph Joe XYZ

  • The case of Ole's boutique supermarket in Wanxiang City, Shenzhen Bay
    Today, the ole 'project has been open for 2 months, and the boss has spoken. If you don't post the article quickly, don't take the performance!!! Ole 'boutique supermarket is a high-end supermarket brand of China Resources Wanjia retail group? Let's put it this way, I can buy a bottle of water here at the grocery store. The ole 'bou...
  • Overseas customers overseas custom jewelry display counter.
    I run the jewelry store abroad myself, and I choose the shenzhen display factory of van road, because I have had more than ten years experience in the shenzhen display factory, so I feel relieved.On the Internet, there are domestic and foreign websites. I have seen their website when I was looking for the booth production company online....
  • China resources vanguard custom jewelry display case, shenzhen fan road display factory is trustworthy.
    The most attractive to others in the business is cosmetics counters, these colour makeup, because most are girls going shopping, but even the old brand of cosmetics, skin care products, if use very old storefront, also can't attract more customers.Under consideration is to search online, and then see at the top of some cases to the site, ...
  • Shanghai jewelry store customer order jewelry display case.
    Shelves in the order of their home is a very good quality, I shop opened more than three years now, the surface glossiness and maintenance is very good, shop design also compares halfback, they company many European American jewelry store design experience, so I this shop shelves for more than three years, or compare halfback.The company's...
  • Jinnan 17 spring jewelry store display case to order customers.
    Jinan customer after jewelry shelves to store sent the first message, customer said our jewelry cabinet since to store the high-end customer said you shop a lot, traffic is much higher than before, the store design want to thank every road designer lai, diversified design style of the jewelry store, the store's brand image manifests incisiv...
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